Welcome to Samata Education Foundations

Samata Educational Trust follows and always following a path of affair of knowledge and wisdom is the only thing which we think at our initiative which can lead to success and development. We aim at developing and cultivating capable and responsible individuals to help and achieve the target to make country full of knowledgeable citizen. So we want to put a step forward and bring the lights on the initiatives and activities conducted from our side towards out objective.The initial operation started from a place named Lallubhai Aminchand Compund, a small place in Mankhurd-to facilitate the weaker and underprivileged section of the society. The main objective to start such kind of initiatives was lack of opportunity along with the economic and financial condition of the people which has resulted in such foundation. Another objective was to make the economically/socially backward section to make them equipped with the wisdom of knowledge and skill to make themselves and the society as a whole better place to live in the future. The foundation’s trustee always try and work harder to make sure that best possible effort is put in to eliminate or fade out the sufferings by socially & economically weaker section.